Sizzling Origins:
The Izgara Story


Our Story

Our Charcoal-Grilled Legacy at Izgara


Welcome to the heart and soul of Izgara Northwood, where passion for grilling meets a rich culinary heritage. Our story is one of flame-kissed perfection, a journey that has unfolded over the years, creating a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic and flavorful experience.

Founded with the vision of bringing the timeless art of charcoal grilling to Northwood, Izgara started as a dream shared by a team of seasoned chefs. Drawing inspiration from traditional Turkish grilling techniques, we embarked on a mission to create a dining destination that celebrates the essence of live fire cooking.

The Culinary Craftsmanship

Our kitchen is a symphony of skills, with our team of chefs boasting a combined experience of over 26 years. Each member is a maestro in their own right, orchestrating the perfect balance of flavors that define Izgara's culinary identity. From selecting the finest cuts of meat to mastering the intricacies of open grill cooking, our chefs bring their expertise to every dish.


Transparency in Every Sizzle

At Izgara, we believe in an open grill approach that invites our guests into the heart of our kitchen. Witness the flames dance and the sizzle rise as our chefs meticulously craft your meal before your eyes. This transparency is more than a spectacle; it's a commitment to the authenticity and freshness that defines the Izgara experience.

Join Us on this
Culinary Odyssey

At Izgara Northwood, we invite you to be part of our story. Taste the legacy of charcoal-grilled perfection, where each dish is a chapter, and every visit is a continuation of our culinary narrative. Come, savor the passion, and experience the extraordinary at Izgara Northwood.